Mining Hosting — A Perfect Solution for Miners

Mining Hosting — A Perfect Solution for Miners


Welcome to The Mining Hotel

The concept of mining hosting is similar to how hotels work. If you have a professionally designed mining rig, you can “accommodate” it at the hosting facility. In turn, it unlocks a whole myriad of benefits:

• Maintenance. Your rig will be installed, supervised, and taken care of by highly professional staff. This sets you free from the tiresome check-up routine, allowing you to allocate your personal time the way you please.

• Insurance. Anything can happen when you’re dealing with high-end hardware like ASIC modules. A hosting service provides insurance, protecting your expensive gear.

• Affordability. More often than not, a hosting service is located in a zone where electricity costs are cheap, and where taxation benefits are available for this type of business. A mining hosting from Europe would regularly be located in a country like Russia, where the business price for a kilowatt is about $0.092.

• Full legality. Hosting facilities are in complete compliance with local legislation. No shady schemes or machinations are involved — it is a clear and honest enterprise.

• Exit opportunities. If at some point you decide to quit the mining industry, a hosting service will help you by offering a buy-back. It saves a lot of time that you’d typically spend on finding a buyer, negotiating the deal, etc.

• Full ownership. Both hardware and the cryptos you’ve mined belong exclusively to you, net of the service cost and commission. You have total control over the crypto-assets and gear.

All in all, mining hosting service is a turn-key solution. Everything’s pre-planned, weighed, and calculated for your convenience. All you need to do is to join the service and reap the benefits.

Further Opportunities

The best part about the service in question is that you don’t even need to own mining hardware to… begin mining.

Rental mining powers are a chance to begin stashing bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies. We have an arsenal of mining data-centers, a part of which can be working for you.

Our mining hosting from Russia can boast of:

• Affordable electricity prices.

• Expert personnel in charge of monitoring and maintenance.

• Mining rig based on ASIC architecture, although other options can be available like GPU-based Ethash mining for Ethereum.

• Great conditions— large space and optimal air temperature to keep the hardware going for years.

Perhaps the best part about this model is that the entry level is low. You can book some of that grandiose capacity, starting at a price of just $100. And considering that cryptocurrencies — BTC in particular — are on the rise, this investment promises handsome return.

With all that, we offer a few options to help you profit from the crypto. First, you can keep the entire amount of tokens and withdraw them any time you want. There are no barriers keeping you from harvesting what’s yours.

But we can also help you sell the crypto-assets for fiat money instantly. No waiting in line, no arduous conversion issues, and other problems that a crypto-exchange is typically notorious for.

Partnership Is Welcome

We are glad to work with independent miners and crypto-traders throughout the world. With our service you can buy hashrate directly from the suppliers or sell it quickly.

We offer a time-efficient and flexible solution to turn the numerical mambo-jumbo into real money, which you can withdraw immediately — no hassle with the likes of Binance, Mandala Exchange, and other similar platforms.

Cryptocurrency is one of the best way to diversify your funds. While physical assets are a must for your portfolio to secure the money, digital assets open an impressive leeway for making impressive profits in the short term.

Contact us now and we’ll start the engine of your financial success together!