Computing power marketplace

What is OXLY_?

  • Sell and buy computing power quickly on the best terms
  • Optimize financial flows and protect profits from risks when selling computing power
  • Protect all parties from abusive attempts using an AML policy
  • Earn legal income from sales and get tax reporting documents
  • Get paid directly bank account (for individuals and legal entities)

Trade computing power profitably and safely

  • Simplicity

    Easy start, simple setup and operation, withdrawals in one click

  • Convenience

    All services at one stop, from storage and exchange to withdrawals

  • Safety

    Maintaining control of hardware when selling computing power

  • Transparency

    Full control and access to detailed statistics at all stages of operation

  • Fairness

    Service fee is charged only for withdrawals

  • Benefit

    The best terms with the lowest fees for all services

it works

Instant activation after the agreement agreement acceptance.

You need to connect equipment to the service in order to control computing power. Statistical data on equipment operation can be found in the client personal account.

Sign up for a personal account

Connect your equipment

Withdraw profits in 1 click

Access reporting documents


It is the first company on the market offering legal income earning from mining;

It provides reporting documents for regulatory authorities;

It works with both individuals and legal entities;

Payments are made to the current accounts of both individuals and legal entities;

It does not require additional software.

There are no limits on the maximum amount or number of withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal amount is $500 or its equivalent in another currency.

Yes, it can. Selling hashing power absolves the seller from transactions with cryptocurrency, removes risks and reduces costs associated with cryptocurrency turnover. This approach is particularly relevant for countries with complex legislation or no regulation for cryptocurrency.

The relationship is governed by the User agreement, which you accept at the time of registration. And also, the Computing power supply agreement, which reflects all the necessary information.

There are no limits on the connected power; it can be either one device or thousands of them.

The service fee depends on several factors and on average amounts to 4% of the withdrawn amount on average.

The service works with the SHA256 algorithm, which is the most common in the computing power market.

Sharing detailed statistics with all accruals to the clients makes the service as transparent as possible. The company's jurisdiction and open information about it guarantee a fair approach.