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OXLY GmbH - is a company engaged in the development and application of solutions aimed at increasing the financial efficiency of the cryptocurrency business: mining and turnover of cryptocurrencies.

  • Our capabilities are backed by many years of experience, market knowledge, and partnerships with leading players in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • The professional competencies of the OXLY_ team make investment in mining safe and legal.
  • Partnerships with leading hardware vendors, data centers and mining pools make OXLY_ products more attractive to the market.



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Cloud mining is a type of investment in cryptocurrencies where an investor buys capacity for mining coins in special data centers. The mining equipment belongs to the cloud mining company.

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Selling hashrate is a way to earn from mining by selling computing power. By exporting hashrate, you earn fiat money right away, bypassing the stages of withdrawing and converting cryptocurrencies.

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Investing in

Investing in cryptocurrency mining is a classic, simple, and straightforward way to make money on cryptocurrencies. In our case, we offer a turnkey investment solution: selection and purchase of equipment, as well as placement in the data center with the most suitable conditions for mining.

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Frequently asked

Cryptocurrencies have been the most profitable asset in the last five decades. Bitcoin has grown tremendously in the dozen years since its inception, while the capitalization of the general cryptocurrency market has surpassed $2 trln. Imagine you invested $1 in Bitcoin in 2010, when it was worth 0.06 cents – now you would have had $1,000,000.

Unlike other financial assets, Bitcoin has limited emission and is not subject to inflation. A total of 21 mln coins will be issued. This means that the Bitcoin supply will gradually decline. If demand remains on the same level, the price will rise in the long term. Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto prudently applied this deflationary mechanism, due to which the coin will only appreciate.

Cryptocurrencies are often used as security assets, a "safe haven" where you can wait out storms in traditional markets. For this purpose, cryptocurrencies have taken solid places in the portfolios of major institutional investors: Square, MicroStrategy, Tesla, etc.

For the most part, cryptocurrencies are decentralized – they do not have a control center, i.e., they can be disposed of only by a person who has the key to the wallet. Neither banks nor government bodies can seize your coins without your permission. This privacy and security of storage is vital for many people.

Our solutions protect our customers from most of the risks in the cryptocurrency market. The main risk of cryptocurrency mining is associated with the volatility of the value of mined coins. Whether you are mining Bitcoin or altcoins, a fall in the rate can cause a decrease in profit compared to the forecast.