OXLY_ is a distributed computing power marketplace that unites computing power sellers and buyers.

  • Our goal is to make the computing power market accessible to as many interested parties as possible, while also making the process of buying and selling computing power profitable, convenient, transparent, and safe.
  • We began operations in 2019 with mining in the Lipetsk special economic zone, where we installed the equipment we shared with our partners. Part of that capacity was sold as cloud mining. The adoption of the DFA law was expected by 2021 in order to legalize mining. Along with other major players in the industry, OXLY_ wanted to earn legal income from mining as we saw strong potential for implementing a new project dedicated to hash power export. After presenting our project at the Blockchain Life forum, we realized that the opportunity to earn legal income from selling computing power was in high demand, not just by our partners, but also by the wider community.
  • We kept developing and improving our service because we understood it was important for the industry to be able to generate legitimate income and optimize financial flows — especially in the tough bear market. OXLY_ employees are trained and certified AML specialists, while our developers have made the service as comfortable as possible, based on the clients’ wishes. We’ve gained lots of knowledge and experience that we’re ready to we share with our clients. Through all our development work and continuous improvement, we’ve created a truly convenient, functional, and constantly evolving service providing you with great solutions.