Which Cryptocurrencies Are the Best to Mine?

Which Cryptocurrencies Are the Best to Mine?


Mine Your Own Business

Mining Bitcoin, as well as trading it, is the most popular way to earn profits from crypto. This is the “firstborn” cryptocurrency that saw impressive dips and dramatic rises ever since it was introduced in 2009.

But Bitcoin isn’t the only “goose” that lays golden crypto-eggs. At the moment, there are 6,044 cryptocurrencies in the world, which release their tokens to attract funding. Which, in turn, is an investment opportunity.

They are known as altcoins — alternatives coins, in other words. So, what’s the best cryptocurrency to invest in among those?

It is a tricky question, which has no definite answer. It is believed that most altcoins are tied to the Bitcoin rate. But some of them can “explode” all of a sudden, showing a fantastic growth.

A recent example is the Tiger King coin ($tking), which saw an unexpected 1,000% rise last July. And if you’re bedazzled by this ascent, then take a look at the Verge coin, the peak gain of which was… 1,581,942%

But the harsh truth is that these coins can also collapse to the 0% mark. As suddenly as they previously rose.

Safe Crypto-Investments

If the enormous volatility is a signature of the crypto-market, then what’s the surest way to benefit from it? The answer is rental cryptocurrency.

No matter if you choose Bitcoin or an altcoin investment, this is a solid way to secure and multiply your funds. Here’s a quick overview of how it all works:

• Step one.You rent some powers at a crypto-mining farm. It’s almost the same as buying your own crypto mining rig, only you’ll be free from the inconveniences that it brings: ballooning electricity bills, noise, heat, installation etc.

• Step two. Now choose the cryptocurrency. If you’re more into altcoins, then one of the best options is the Ethereum investment, as it shows a stable rate when compared to the rest of alternative coins. Currently, it occupies second place, right below Bitcoin with an overall capitalization of $366 billion.

• Step three. You can relax and let the system do the work for you. You’re fully in charge of your hashrate — the digital data from which coins are made — and you can either sell it directly for real money or turn it into the crypto for yourself.

Joining a crypto platform is an effective way to get fiat from mining. First, it offers a low entry point — you can begin investing with just 100 euros.

This affordability is possible due to the wholesale electricity prices that the mining facility pays for. As well as due to the special economic zone where it is situated and where taxation is lenient towards technological enterprises.

Second, this is a long-term crypto investment. Your dividends will be paid to you on a regular basis, either in fiat or e-coins — choose the option you like. This is a stable passive income, which liberates you from worries and concerns of regular crypto-trading.

Hurry and invest in the mining hardware today, so you can have a better tomorrow!