Aug 05, 2021

DeFi investment — A Bright Crypto Prospect?

DeFi All Odds

DeFi stands for decentralized finance. It’s a financial sector on the crypto-market, which allows more types of investing in cryptocurrency than just simple trading.

DeFi opens more prospects for the investment in cryptocurrencies with the following:

  • DEX

    DEX means decentralized exchange. Thanks to a token system, participants can trade items, including cryptocurrencies, without go-betweens Coincidentally, it allows cutting costs.
  • Money Lending

    With the help of the DeFi investment, people from all over the world can access capital for various needs: creating a business, starting a farm, etc.

    What sets this method apart from a classic bank is that a) there are no intermediaries, b) it’s available even in those regions where no banks operate.

    To lend money, a borrower should have warranty coins — usually Ethereum — on their deposit. Once they pay back, the warranty coins will be unlocked and returned to the borrower.
  • AMM

    Automated Marker Maker is another protocol that allows trading. What makes it unique is its mathematical algorithm, which sets prices for various items/assets automatically.
  • NFT

    NFT investment implies the so-called Non-Fungible Token. It’s a new know-how, which allows people to, let’s say, collect rare digital items, buy art in the digital form, etc. This token confirms their ownership of a digital asset.
  • Staking

    Staking is a validating activity, which confirms a transaction at a given blockchain. It’s a part of the PoS system, which stands for Proof of Stake.

    It serves as an alternative to the Proof of Work system, on which Bitcoin is based. By work, they imply here computations used for mining.
  • Lottery

    What also makes this type of cryptoinvest unique, are the “no-loss lotteries”. The idea is that the lottery participants chip in and form a “money pot”, in which the collective funds are kept.

This money pot generates profits, seemingly through one of the DeFi operations. Then a winner is picked randomly, and all other participants get their money back.

How to DeFi Invest

As you can see, there’s a wealth of investing opportunities. One of the most popular ones is lending money and earning extra from the interest that you’ll be paid afterwards.

Or you can simply benefit from the Ethereum investment. It’s the top popular currency in the DeFi system and the second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

Ethereum can be converted into fiat money at a favorable rate: its current price is $3,071.24. But how do you earn it?

The surest way to invest in crypto is to join a good mining service. This is a platform, which has impressive computing power. And it can be at your disposal:

  • It offers a low entry level. You can pay as little $100 and make this sum generate profit.
  • You don’t need to spend money on the crypto-mining farm.
  • Electricity bills won’t become a nuisance.
  • Your house or apartment won’t buzz like a giant beehive from all the cooler noise.

A crypto platform is a flexible solution for every investor. You can extract cryptocurrency as soon as it’s ready or cut the labor and request fiat money instead — the platform provides booths options.

Besides, if crypto-operations are forbidden in your country, joining this service is the best option available.

It works in full compliance with the laws of any country where it’s situated, so legal issues won’t be a headache anymore. It is a dream for a lazy, but smart investor.

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