What is

This is a turnkey solution that enables you to invest in cryptocurrency mining by becoming the owner of the mining equipment. A professional OXLY team is at your service – using their many years of experience and competence, they will help you create a reliable product with the most efficient ROI. We undertake the entire scope of work on the implementation of the project: from the search for equipment to the transfer of the funds mined in fiat to your account. Finally, you will certainly be able to choose the project option that suits you best and meets your investment goals.

Our advantages are the following:

  • Affordable. Your choice of solutions is based on your capabilities and wishes. We will select and offer the best option.

  • Convenient. The turnkey solution allows you to avoid problems and risks with the purchase, delivery and installation of equipment.

  • Reliable. Your ownership is secured by the agreement. European jurisdiction, and our experience and reputation are additional guarantees for your safety.

  • Profitable. All your hardware operates exclusively for you in ideal mining conditions. You get the earned cryptocurrency, in full, anywhere in the world.

  • Simple. We undertake the installation, configuration and control over the equipment operation. Mine and earn!


LAZM is a production and technological site located on the territory of the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone, whose commercial terms compare favorably with those of other players in the Russian Federation.


Since 2013, 51ASIC has been a leader in the supply of mining equipment in Russia and abroad.

Only the most up-to-date equipment!


We always welcome guests and are ready to offer you an excursion!

Data centers

The OXLY data center is located on the territory of the Special Economic Zone in the Lipetsk region – LAZM.IO.

This ensures the most attentive and competent approach to the equipment operation, stable operation, as well as low customs costs and electricity at wholesale price.

Frequently Asked

In case of equipment failure, we consider the possibility of on-site repair. If on-site repair is not possible or the equipment is under the manufacturer's warranty, it can be sent for diagnostics and repair to our own service center, or to a manufacturer in China upon the agreement with the equipment owner.

You can buy almost any equipment, both new and used. We specialize in ASIC miners, because Bitcoin is a major and time-tested cryptocurrency. We can operate on and maintain other equipment for mining of alternative coins, if necessary.

Ordering and delivery of equipment from China takes most of the time. The usual delivery time for new equipment from the manufacturer site is about 2-3 weeks. Due to the shortage and unstable supplies, the time can be increased and the equipment can be delivered on order with a delay at the moment.

You don't need to be an expert and understand hardware or cryptocurrencies. We will offer you a personalized service without placing a burden on you or the need to be an expert. We can always provide instructions via any convenient communication channels. We can provide training and prepare you or your staff to work with our services, if necessary.

The manufacturer's warranty for new mining equipment is 24 months.

Mining is not prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, our data centers are located in a special economic zone under strict physical and legal protection of the state. All infrastructure and electricity supplies are backed up by official contracts. You enter into an agreement with OXLY GmbH – a legal entity located in the German jurisdiction, where the turnover of cryptocurrencies is regulated by developed and loyal legislation, which guarantees exceptional reliability and transparency of financial transactions.

You can get the earned money both in the traditional way – in cryptocurrency, and in fiat money through safe and simple payments to a card or bank account.

Turnkey is the Key

Mining investment certainly deserves a place in your financial portfolio. But those investors who aren’t particularly tech-savvy may be confused by the plethora of technical intricacies of mining and gear options.

And that’s when a turnkey solution comes into play. An expert team will help you make an investment in cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

The service package includes:

With such a service package, you can invest in bitcoin mining right away.

Versatility & Flexibility

Most of the clients tend to invest in bitcoin mining. Therefore, ASIC-based miners are topping the popularity charts.

But there are no artificially set limits. You can choose other currencies and switch to Ethereum investing, or any other altcoin investing — it depends on how much you want to diversify your portfolio.

A crypto platform offers investment in cryptocurrencies of various types.







So, if you want to employ some different hardware, this is definitely an option. It’s up to you to choose the best cryptocurrency to invest in, after all.

More Perks

The mining investment industry is plagued by the issue of secondhand gear. As a result, unlucky beginners have to deal with the hardware that operates at half or less than half of its capacity, and causes constant upkeep problems.

A crypto platform excludes this issue completely. Only first-grade, never-before-used gear will be “put in charge” of your mining investment.

The gear is delivered from China, which takes about 2-3 weeks. Even though it does take time, it serves as an extra guarantee that your rig is brand-new and ready to deliver the maximum return on investment (ROI).

Another benefit you will get from a bitcoin-mining service is that the conversion issues will be solved for you. You can receive your honestly earned profits in two forms:

The offered service is a seamless way to ensure a stable passive income. Contact the specialists, invest in crypto - and count the profits and blessings coming your way!