What is

  • It is a service that ensures efficient investment in mining in cases where it is more profitable for the mining facilities owner to receive income in fiat currency, staying outside cryptocurrency activities. This method is relevant in jurisdictions where it is difficult to obtain legal income from mining. While remaining the owner of the equipment, you sell your hashrate for export to jurisdictions with a more open attitude to cryptocurrencies.
  • The service will also suit people willing to optimize financial flows and avoid the risks of receiving income from mining in fiat currency.

Our service guarantees that you gain the convenience of mining and earning income in fiat.
Our advantages are the following:

  • Simplicity

    You don't need to be an expert in cryptocurrency industry or finance. We will provide instructions for an easy start, and support and advice throughout the entire period of cooperation.

  • Convenience

    There is no need to use different services for storing, exchanging, and withdrawing funds.

  • Safety

    You keep complete control over your resources. The equipment remains your property and is located on your premises.

  • Transparency

    You have full access to control the amount of computing power and the number of mined coins.

  • Honesty

    We charge our remuneration (fee) only when cryptocurrency is converted to fiat. No extra markups or fees.

  • Benefit

    The partner pool provides the best conditions for miners. The fee of the service is minor in the aggregate of all services.

Sell your hashrate How to connect?

to connect?

We can describe the sequence of actions for you in detail to let you better understand how this works:


You sign a computing power purchase agreement with OXLY_MiningPay.

For higher profitability, you need to connect to a partner pool, that provides our customers with some of the best conditions. Once connected, you will get access to your account in order to control the amount of computing power and mined coins.

When you need to receive a payment, just send us a request, and we will transfer the money to your bank card or account specified in the agreement.


Fill in the form


Send your form to us


Sign and send the agreement to us


Connect to the service


Submit your application and receive your funds

Frequently Asked

- Oxly GmbH is a legal entity you can conclude a REAL contract with, in order to secure the responsibility of the parties.

- As a legal entity, Oxly GmbH makes all payments officially.

- Customers of the service can present this contact to any regulatory authorities.

- OXLY_MiningPay can cooperate with both individuals and legal entities.

- OXLY_MiningPay can make payments not only to cards, but also to customers’ bank accounts.

- OXLY_MiningPay does not require software installation.

- OXLY_MiningPay supports different cryptocurrencies.

This type of exchange does not exempt the miner from operations with cryptocurrency, which automatically makes them responsible for the circulation of cryptocurrency with all the legal consequences. This is especially relevant for countries with repressive cryptocurrency laws.

Our service is as transparent as possible: all credits are visible and controlled only by customers.

Any power is allowed, the only limitation is a one-time withdrawal of equivalent of at least 500 Euros (the withdrawal currency can be any).

It depends on the speed of our interaction: you will have to fill out a KYC questionnaire to conclude an agreement and provide bank details of your card (for bank transfers). Next, a contract is signed, after which you configure the equipment in accordance with the details stipulated in the contract.

- Customers of OXLY_MiningPay enter into an agreement with a legal entity in the German jurisdiction, where cryptocurrency activities are strictly regulated by transparent and loyal legislation.

- Incorporation and obtaining the documents and licenses required for conducting such an activity cost a lot of money and efforts and therefore rule out any fraudulent schemes.

- The contract also allows individual customers to report to the tax authorities in case of necessity. Legal entities can get tax credits, being involved in non-resource exports.

How to Get Fiat from Mining?

The mining equipment can potentially be a “money-machine”, generating a handsome passive income.

But operating this equipment is only half the battle won. The other important stage of the process is to get fiat from mining. And there are certain pitfalls surrounding this phase:

Luckily, there’s a painless solution: a crypto platform can help you sell the computing power to interested clients.

How It Works

The idea is quite simple. You join an online bitcoin mining service, which has a pool of clients who want to purchase ready-made hashrate.

Selling hashrate basically means that you offer the computing power used for mining in exchange for real money — everything’s legal, as you can see.

Such a transaction can be made via a mining hosting in Europe, for example. But a mining hosting service can be located in any part of the world where cryptocurrencies aren’t frowned upon: from Russia to Japan.

Let’s review the advantages of such a partnership:

So, by joining a bitcoin mining service, you basically end up in a win-win situation. Your only concern will be properly maintaining the crypto-mining rig.

Why Do People Buy It?

Buying hashrate has become popular for various reasons. Some of them are:

So, with the help from a mining service, you can overcome numerous barriers, be it local legislation or unacceptable commission rates, you can forget about them and become a supplier, focusing on the technical part.

The signup procedure doesn’t take much time. You just need to fill up a standard form and sign an agreement with the service. Right after that, your mining farm will be good to go.

Besides, you have full control over the mined assets and can withdraw crypto-coins too, if necessary.