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  • The profitability of many mining enthusiasts has dropped significantly by now, and in some cases it even went negative.
  • Expensive equipment and high electricity costs made mining in the home unprofitable.
  • We offer HashRent at a great price, which makes mining easy and affordable.

Our advantages



You don't need to buy equipment, set up and maintain it, or understand the details of mining. We have already done everything for you!


Complete transparency

You can always be sure that the rented equipment is real. You can just come and see it with your own eyes.


High income

The equipment has been imported and operates in a special economic zone. Therefore, the cost of equipment and electricity is significantly lower, so your profit is higher.



Operation in the Special Economic Zone guarantees the absolute legitimacy of our business. We are under constant supervision and protection of the state.

Cloud Mining Plans

Due to high demand, the entire hashrate is sold out. We will expand our capabilities and open sales in the near future. Follow the news!



10 TH/s

€54 for 90 days

Maintenance fee €0.05





50 TH/s

€495 for 180 days

Maintenance fee €0.05





100 TH/s

€1800 for 360 days

Maintenance fee €0.05





100 TH/s

€3240 for 720 days

Maintenance fee €0.05



Calculate the contract price

Custom Worker Power Adjustment

90 days

1 TH/s


Maintenance Fee 0.07€ / TH x Day


We always welcome guests and are ready to offer you an excursion!

Data centers

The OXLY data center is located on the territory of the Special Economic Zone in the Lipetsk region – LAZM.IO.

This ensures the most attentive and competent approach to the equipment operation, stable operation, as well as low customs costs and electricity at wholesale price.

Frequently asked

Cryptocurrencies have been the most profitable asset in the last five decades. Bitcoin has grown tremendously in the dozen years since its inception, while the capitalization of the general cryptocurrency market has surpassed $2 trln. Imagine you invested $1 in Bitcoin in 2010, when it was worth 0.06 cents – now you would have had $1,000,000.

Unlike other financial assets, Bitcoin has limited emission and is not subject to inflation. A total of 21 mln coins will be issued. This means that the Bitcoin supply will gradually decline. If demand remains on the same level, the price will rise in the long term. Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto prudently applied this deflationary mechanism, due to which the coin will only appreciate.

Cryptocurrencies are often used as security assets, a "safe haven" where you can wait out storms in traditional markets. For this purpose, cryptocurrencies have taken solid places in the portfolios of major institutional investors: Square, MicroStrategy, Tesla, etc.

For the most part, cryptocurrencies are decentralized – they do not have a control center, i.e., they can be disposed of only by a person who has the key to the wallet. Neither banks nor government bodies can seize your coins without your permission. This privacy and security of storage is vital for many people.

Our solutions protect our customers from most of the risks in the cryptocurrency market. The main risk of cryptocurrency mining is associated with the volatility of the value of mined coins. Whether you are mining Bitcoin or altcoins, a fall in the rate can cause a decrease in profit compared to the forecast.

Mutually Beneficial

Computing power is all you need to generate Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Dogecoin, etc. But the industry has been facing a production crisis of sorts; electricity bills and hardware are increasing in price.

So, the industry quickly figured out a solution — cloud mining. Let’s dig into this concept a little deeper.

The idea behind cloud mining is straightforward. A mining service offers its computational powers for lease. It’s like renting a crypto-mining farm; it’s just located remotely, from your home.

But this is merely the core idea. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages that such a clever tech-solution can offer.

Why Is It a Winning Strategy?

So, here are the central advantages of a cloud mining platform:

Once a number of necessary computations has been reached, you can withdraw cryptocurrencies without a hitch.

Looking for Partners

A mining service, however, always needs a bit more of computing power for its arsenal. Therefore, experienced and newcomer miners are always welcome to join forces and share their mining capacities.

This partnership is, by far, the easiest way to get fiat from crypto. And here’s how it works:

This elegant solution solves many issues at the same time.

While clients are set free from having to do the mining themselves, you get the money, bypassing the lengthy and brain-bending process of converting digital coins into fiat.

So, judging by the aforementioned benefits, it appears that cloud mining is the future for the entire crypto-industry.