We will buy a hashrate

HashRate — computing power - characteristics of the equipment. It can be used to judge the speed of performing mathematical calculations for a certain time period. That is, it is the speed at which your equipment calculates cryptographic operations for solving blocks (hashing) in the blockchain. Hashrate is usually measured in hashes per second (H/s). The higher the computing speed of your hardware, the more powerful it is.

Modern high-performance mining equipment operates with trillions of hashes. It is measured in tens and hundreds of terahashes per second (TH/s).

If you are engaged in mining and want to earn legal income getting fiat from mining, then the best solution is selling hashrate of your computing power.

Why you will want to sell your hashrate

OXLY_MiningPay is a service of the Oxly GmbH crypto company. The service helps miners diversify their mining income. They receive fiat money from crypto bypassing the stages of withdrawal and exchange of cryptocurrencies. This solution avoids the risks of legislative regulation of the turnover of cryptocurrencies and possible losses during withdrawal and exchange.

Here are a few reasons why it is beneficial to hashrate sellers:

How does it work?

The seller's income level directly depends on the amount of power sold. The higher the performance of the mining hardware, the greater the profit. The hashrate sold produces cryptocurrency in the German jurisdiction. There are no problems with the turnover of cryptocurrencies and buying of hashrate.

As soon as the seller needs fiat money, he gives an order to sell the mined cryptocurrency.

After that, it is calculated for the computing power sold during this period. The seller receives the payment to the card or bank account. Everything is formalized by the contract. It can be presented to any regulatory authorities.

To get started, no complicated actions are required — just send an application to the OXLY_MiningPay service and get a stable legal income.